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Hope Counseling Center is a full-service outpatient counseling center dedicated to providing a faith-based counseling alternative for children, adolescents, young adults, couples, and families in the Space Coast Area. Those who seek help will find a credentialed, professional staff, offering a unique approach that is tailored to the needs of the individual client.

This can include psychological concepts, Biblical precepts and a variety of mental health techniques and services. Our therapists are licensed and pre-licensed professionals engaged in quality mental health care, counseling and educational services.


Hope Counseling  offers spirituality, support and healthy living approaches while gently guiding the client toward goals that families and individuals identified as important to them. In a safe, drug-free environment, clients and families begin to experience an orderly pattern of daily living and begin to see the direction they wish to take for a life that will eventually restore and bring peace and joy.  

    Outpatient Services​ for Veterans
  •  Family Counseling

  •  Assessment & Evaluation 

  •  Coping & Adjustment 

  •  Anger Management

  •  Group Therapy

  • Marriage/Relationship'

  • Life-Style Counseling

  • Mental Health

  • Substance Abuse

  • Individual Counseling


Mission of Hope’s Clinical Team consists of Licensed and Pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Mental Health Counselors, Addiction Counselor, Psychologist and  a on call Physician dedicated to provide quality care to all in need regardless of color, creed or financial status. We offer services at a reduce fee to those without insurance EAP provider. Mission of Hope accepts most major credit cards; We schedule weekday, evening and Saturday appointments for your convenience. We are only offering teletherapy on Zoom.


                                                      SUPPORT SERVICES


Social Distance, Teletherapy and Mask Wearing 

Food Pantry
The Food Pantry provides perishable and nonperishable food to individuals and families in need. More than a mere handout, the Food Pantry uses a vouchers system for TBMH clients to shop and select the food items that meet the cultural and dietary needs of their households. The Pantry is designed as a grocery store that gives Hope clients an element of dignity in the process of providing food for their families.  
In collaboration with  grocery stores and food banks families also have the opportunity to participate periodically in nutrition education and cooking classes. 

Transitional Housing 
The Transitional Housing Program allows individuals and families that are homeless and meets transitional housing criteria and income eligibility guidelines.  The transitional housing can be an individual for up to twenty four months. Transitional housing includes intensive case management, long-term goal planning, and independent living.  After obtaining the skills necessary to maintain housing, most families/individuals move into permanent housing with supportive services stability and comfort of their housing unit  for up to two years while they work toward independence.  All Program activities are aimed at helping the clients to achieve self-determination and eventual self-sufficiency.


Seasonal Programs for Veterans and Families

In addition to Mission of Hope's  year-round programs, clients, volunteers, and donors can participate in the following seasonal opportunities


--Cold Weather Shelter we partner with Hillsborough County Homeless Services and provide emergency shelter during the cold weather season. 

--Feed Our Kids calls upon local churches to prepare and serve lunches to children in local apartment complexes throughout the summer. This bridges the gap for children who normally receive free or reduced lunch at school.

--Back to School Supply Drive provides new backpacks and school supplies to Hope clients at the beginning of each new school year.

--Holiday Food Distribution assures that all area households are able to serve Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to their families. Food baskets include everything needed to prepare a home-cooked holiday meal!

--Christmas Toy giveaway allows volunteers to wrap  new and donated gifts for their children at Christmas time. 

--Friends & Family Program is a network of faith groups, community partners, civic groups, service organizations and individual volunteers that work together to improve the quality of life for senior adults in the area.  The purpose of the Hope Friends & Family Program is to coordinate informal and formal services that reduce social and physical isolation among senior residents, ages 55 and older. 


--Resale  mission of hope operates a successful resale program which funds a large portion of the annual budget. We receive so many donations from our community that the supply is greater than the client demand! Donations are received and sorted at the Donation Station, then distributed to Mission of Hope programs. Whatever is left over is sold at our resale thrift store. 

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